Ari's Soul Commute Joins Us

I would like to welcome another new contributor, Ariana Amar, to the Loving Light Reiki blog. Below is her bio for more information on her experiences and purpose. You can find Ari on IG at @ari.ssoulcommute and on Facebook at

Ariana Amar is a certified paralegal and is currently, a Legal Practice Specialist at a renown global law firm. She was divorced in 2003 and was single parent for five years before she met her current husband. She is a mother of three children: 18 years old, 11 years old and 5 years old. Additionally, Ariana is an empath! This contributes to her passion to help others in time of desperate need. She gives back to the community, whenever she has an opportunity to do so. In 2015, her youngest child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at 11 months old. Having dealt with the diagnosis process, she now dedicates any time she has to support families with recent diagnosis. She is a member of Beyond Type 1, The Diabetes Research Institute and occasionally, fundraises for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Through the most detrimental moment in her life, she has found light, strength and has this head strong notion of healing the world, one person at a time.


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