Breast Cancer – Part II: Clearing Away of Unresolved Emotions

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I am posting a previously published article from 2013.

This article is dedicated to my mother, Mercedes Puig, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

In the first part of this article, I discussed the interrelation between unresolved emotions, its effects on the physical body, and the connection with breast cancer. In this article, I will discuss how to avoid the build up of negative energy in the chakra system that is a result of unresolved emotions, and how we can keep the physical and energetic bodies in harmony to avoid the reproduction of unhealthy cells and dis-ease.

Treatment with Awareness

What is your perception of cancer? When you hear the words breast cancer, does your mind automatically think “death?” Changing our perspective about breast cancer and other serious illnesses can improve the way that we deal with illnesses that affect our lives and those of our loved ones. Many times you will hear someone say that an individual they know has a terminal illness, like cancer, but what pulled them through was the fact that they stayed active and positive in their daily living. This is the power of awareness. When we become aware of the power of the mind and its ability to create or eliminate dis-ease, I believe the battle is half won. Once we are aware of the effects our thoughts can have on our physical bodies and emotions, we can notice them, adjust them, and create a new overall wellness.

While there are many things throughout our day that we can control, it is how we react to an occurrence that we cannot control that will affect us one way or another. This is the same when confronted with the news that you or a loved one are affected by a serious illness such as breast cancer. Awareness and intention can play a very big part in helping you or your loved one to deal with the emotions, treatment, and recovery that will follow.

The Lower Chakras

The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakras all have to do with who we are as a people. They are representative of who we are on the inside and who we are on the outside. The Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras have to do with our spirituality and our connection to our higher source. When one of the first four chakras is out of balance, its effects will be reflected in the other three because they are so closely related to our personality and behavior. The imbalance will soon be felt physically.

The base or root chakra is the seat of original thought. Thoughts become our emotions and our perceptions. Ask yourself, “Am I grounded?” “Do I tend to worry, anger, or withdraw at the first thought of a negative situation?” Redirecting our thoughts from negative to positive helps to ground us by raising our confidence level. It’s okay to have a negative thought. All we need to do is acknowledge it and imagine the exact opposite emotion or outcome to change our outlook.

In the Sacral chakra, where our emotions are born, after a thought originates in the Root chakra, those emotions stay in the chakra until the energy is released in the form of expression. You may express your emotions on paper, verbally, or by acting on your emotions, whether it be positive or negative. Maintaining the health of this chakra by releasing negative emotions is important because emotions that are not released begin to effect one’s creativity, one’s ability to be productive, and the feeling of overall good health.

In the Solar Plexus, an emotion stirs the “truth” in us. The truth that we cannot hide from because it is our own truth. We may have an emotion, such as anger, but we may decide not express it; or we may not express it and act in the opposite of that anger by pretending to be okay. The latter instance creates another unresolved emotion on top of the anger you already feel. This is because rather than finding an outlet for the original thought/emotion with expression, now it is suppressed. Suppressing your emotions thereby gives way to resentment for feeling as though you have to hide your true emotions. The same holds true for fear. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious illness, such as breast cancer, not expressing your fear as to the outcome blocks you from allowing your awareness to open your heart to the possibilities of a positive outcome.

Then we come to the Heart chakra. This chakra helps us release the emotions we carry, but it also receives the emotions that surround us. When an emotion is suppressed for too long, it is possible for us to physically feel tightness in our chest or other sorts of discomfort in the chest area. Sometimes when a woman has not dealt with issues about her own abilities to nurture a relationship or her own children, she can feel pain in the breasts depending on her cycle. Fear and anger also grip the heart in a way that does not allow a person express their emotions, thereby becoming trapped in the body and causing further harm.

Energy Healing and Crystals

We know that healing modalities, such as Reiki healing, can be administered to people facing a serious illness, surgery, and recovery as part of their care regimen and alongside their medical visits, medications, etc. There are a number of crystals that can be used by both the Reiki practitioner who is providing energetic healing, and can be used in meditation, carried daily, or worn by the affected person. Below is a list of a few of those healing crystals and their purpose when with healing of breast cancer. These varieties can easily be found for purchase on the internet.


(elixir only from a polished stone)

Mineral treatment of cancer to stimulate disordered cells to reorder themselves and purge toxins within the body; enhances communication; stimulates positive outlook; and encourages positive verbalization.

Melanite (Black)

Assists the body to adjust to medication; brings holistic energy to support healing of disorder; release of emotions that have been hidden; release of resentment and animosity; deficiency of love to/from others and to/from the self; and releases blockages in the heart and throat chakras.


Allows for the ability to have predominant positive thoughts, and dispenses negative thoughts; clears the heart chakra; treatment of disease related to anger such as cancer, tumors, bone degeneration and muscle spasms.


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