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Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Published by on June 30, 2018

So you say you are ready to add some complimentary healing modalities to your already successful Reiki healing sessions? Here are a few options.


Crystals are my personal favorite healing modality to use in combination with my own Reiki practice. I feel a special connection to crystals, and I love using them in healing sessions. I use crystals to help in balancing the energies of the chakras. This practice is known as “Laying on of Stones.” It allows me to connect with my clients by judging which crystals feel best for the healing that is intended.

In my own practice, I cleanse the set of crystals I usually use for my clients with fresh water and sea salt before every session. This clears out any energy from the previous client and brings each crystal back to its natural vibratory state. During the healing process, when balancing the chakras, I will place a stone of the appropriate color on each area of the particular chakra. I may use a different crystal or create a grid on the person using different crystals depending on the information provided by my intuitive guides. The interaction between the crystals and the chakras allows the chakra to return to its natural healthy vibration. Again, I use my own personal spiritually guided intuition to decide what each chakra needs.

Before I begin balancing the chakras during a Reiki session, the first crystals I place are a piece of clear quartz near the top of a client’s head and a piece of hematite between the client’s feet. The clear quartz helps to clear and activate the energy centers of the body. The hematite helps the client in their meditative state to reach a feeling of tranquility and emotional clarity as well as keeping them grounded.

Below are the crystals I typically use during my healing sessions:

Chakras & Corresponding Crystals

These are just basic crystals for starters. Many different types of crystals can be used for all of the chakras.


Like crystal colors, there are essential oils that correspond with each chakra. There is quite a bit of information on the Intranet regarding essential oils and how to use them with the chakras. In my Reiki practice, I have two different methods when working with essential oils. First, prior to the arrival of a client, I will set the intention to receive spiritually guided information as to what essential oil will most benefit the client. This is the essential oil I will use in my diffuser. Second, throughout the session I will periodically rub All Union Chakra Oil into the palms of my hands to heighten the client’s senses yet calm the nervous system. If I have been spiritually directed to use a different oil on the palms of my hands, I will change to that oil for the benefit of the client.

Here is a chart of the chakras and some of the corresponding essential oils:

Chakras & Corresponding Essential Oils

When it comes to Reiki, my personal preference is that which I have stated before: I will use the spiritually guided information according to each client when selecting which essential oil to use, and I will place a few drops of the particular oil into my diffuser. You can also create your own, which I have also done, by placing a few drops of a particular oil into a small spray bottle that has been filled with distilled water. You can also prepare different types of spray bottles to be used in your home or office to bring forth clarity and peace in your environment.


How is Reiki used in water? There are many health benefits to using water that has been infused with Reiki. Such benefits include: relaxation from stress when drinking Reiki water after a long day (instead of a glass of wine); increase in potency of vitamins when taken with Reiki infused water; and relief from insomnia by allowing the body to reach a relaxed state after drinking Reiki water. Reiki infused water can be helpful in the home as well. It can be used for watering your plants or cleansing the energy of your home.

Once you have prepared the Reiki infused water you can use it in a spray bottle to sprinkle water in the corners of your living space or spraying the floors when cleaning.

The second level of attunements provides a practitioner with the ability to infuse water with Reiki. When preparing a glass of water for an individual, treat the water for one to two minutes. If you are preparing large quantities of water, treat the water for three minutes per gallon. Purified or distilled water is best for infusing with Reiki. Draw the power symbol in your hands, and set the intention for the purpose of the water. Then simply hold your hands over the receptacle holding the water you will be infusing and rotate your hands over it in a counter-clockwise manner (see below). Different practitioners may have different methods, but the one I have described herein is the most basic form.

When I am preparing for a healing session, I always make sure to have a glass of Reiki infused water ready for the client at the end of a session to be sure they are hydrated before they leave my treatment space. Remember, as practitioners we must abide by the golden rule of Reiki whereby the person receiving Reiki in any form agrees to receive it. Reiki only works for the highest good of each individual, therefore, the one ingesting the infused water must have full knowledge and acceptance of its use.

Enjoy experimenting with these variations of energy healing modalities in your own Reiki practice.

Wishing you a day full of love and light!



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