How do we deal with this Pandemic - Step 1

We are living in unbelievable times. Although experts have been claiming and reporting that a pandemic of this proportion was certainly possible and likely, our world governments have chosen to ignore the facts and statistics to the detriment of all humanity.

As I sit and think about the current situation, I wonder how can I help? What part can I play in helping others by applying the tools that I have learned to use on a daily basis and the gifts that I have been granted. Over the years I have shared many good bits of information about applying Reiki to things like cancer and chemotherapy recovery, Alzheimer’s and dementia, prenatal care, and many other topics. Here I am creating a series of articles to help us all cope with the current world situation.

So now I’m faced with the question, “How can Reiki help to ease the current outbreak of hysteria over this pandemic?” How, indeed. Like many of you, I’ve watched news reports, read different social media posts/feeds, and laughed at a lot of silly memes. Let’s face it, we need a little laughter in the current situation. Reiki’s healing energy helps to calm the stress, anxiety and depression that occurs in daily non-pandemic life, and it can certainly help those of us who are over-exposed to all of the above and the resulting emotions.

Whether you are a regular practitioner (at any level) or someone who receives Reiki regularly, we can all learn to employ the practice of Reiki energy healing in our daily lives in order to feel relief from the collective grief that we are all experiencing. I believe that whether you are consciously in a state of constant panic during this world-wide health crisis or not, our subconscious is undergoing a tremendous amount of stress. Our subconscious protects us from things that may be painful or harmful to our mental health. It begins to suppress those feelings of fear or anxiety that, on the conscious level, we deny feeling. While I myself have tried to keep a clear head about everything that is going on, listening only to the experts and not the world leaders, I know that within my subconscious I fear for my children, my family, and the world as a whole. But if Reiki has taught me anything, it is that we can take steps to treat ourselves and our loved ones with the healing energy of Reiki to--at the very least--release the subconscious negative emotions created by the current state of affairs.

While the nations are in quarantine, don’t just keep your living space clean and tidy, but also treat the energetic health of your living space. Burn things like sage, lemongrass, and juniper to raise the vibration of your home. We are all being forced to spend more time at home as a result of the world-wide quarantines, and this type of cleansing in your home is a valuable way to keep the energy in your home as stress-free as possible. The energy of our fears and other emotions, believe it or not, gets absorbed into every inch of our living space. This type of cleansing is a great way to keep the vibration of your home clear. Airing out the home after this type of cleansing helps to release the stagnant energies in your home. It is always a good idea to burn a sweeter incense like Palo Santo or Nag Champa after such a cleansing throughout your home.

More to come, brothers and sisters.

Be well, and stay safe.


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