How do we deal with this Pandemic - Step 2

Continuing with this series, and in light of the current world situation, here is my second blogpost on how to combat the current state of stress and anxiety.

For all of my clients, I regularly recommend using a journal to express any feelings you may be experiencing. Now is a good time to be honest with yourselves about how the current state of affairs is affecting you. Release those feelings into the pages of your journal, and when the moon is full (April 7, 2020) set those pages on fire to complete the exercise. It is also a good time to set some intentions that you can use in your meditation practices by sending out healing energies to Mother Earth and humanity. Those intentions can be set outside under the new moon (March 24, 2020) with a glass of water and your favorite manifestation crystals and a candle.

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or like to receive Reiki regularly, you can practice the following healing meditation to send healing to yourself, your family, your home, your community, your country and across the globe.

· Picture an energy field around you;

· Focus on the color of your energy field;

· Watch as that energy field expands to cover your whole being and beyond your physical body;

· Now envision the energy field spreading to the members of your family (distance does not matter);

· Then picture the energy encompassing the four corners of your home;

· Next envision your energy field expanding out into your community and surrounding areas all over your city, state and country;

· Push the limits of your energy field even farther now and see how it crosses the globe until it returns to you at your location.

Additionally, I recommend that you charge and program a clear quartz crystal with the same healing intentions to carry with you during this time.

Reiki practitioners may include any of the symbols we are attuned with in this meditation to add a more powerful vibration.

More to come, brothers and sisters.

Be well, and stay safe.


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