How Emotional Traumas Affect Our Health?

Emotional trauma is trapped negative emotion that was not let go of at the moment it occurred. These negative emotions affect our energy field which then affects our body's cells causing a variety of ailments in our physical body. We all have gone through a traumatic experiences whether it was during childhood, adulthood or even in utero. Traumatic experiences stay with us and weaken our body’s energy causing it to get ill.

In order to understand how emotional trauma affects our health we must understand that our body is an energy field. When a part of the human body is magnified to a millionth time all that is seen on a microscope is energy and empty space. The human body starts as a single cell. Within that single cell there are atoms, and within these atoms there are different energy levels which are electrons, protons, and neutrons.

These “balls of energy” in the body moving at a fast pace is energy in motion or e-motion. Every emotion has a different vibration and frequency. Negative emotions such as anger, grief, and resentment have different vibrations as those positive emotions like love, joy, and happiness.

Since our physical body is a combination of trillions of cells forming energy beginning at the womb, negative emotions can build up over time such as depression, anger, sadness, resentment and envy. These emotions can be passed down from our ancestors, resulting from childhood experiences or adulthood experiences which causes our body to be dis-eased which means not at ease and stressed. According to The American Medical Association (AMA) 80% of all health issues are stress related. Heart disease is one of many health issues that affect men and women in the United States leading it to be the number one cause of death for over a decade.

As we grow, we go through different experiences in our lives that ignite different emotions. Negative emotions that are unresolved are what we call emotional baggage or emotional trauma. Just like a short circuit disrupts the whole electricity in a house, same thing happens with emotional baggage in our bodies. Emotional baggage disrupts our body’s energy field affecting us internally and causing us physical pain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has agrees that 85% of all diseases appear to have an emotional component.

Modern medicine doesn’t encourage the practice of slowing down and finding the true causes of our health problems, which is why we have so many health issues. The good thing is that there are ways for us to work on our emotional traumas to improve our health. In order for us to work on our emotional baggage and to identify it, we must work on listening to our body and our subconscious mind.

You can start listening to your body by simply becoming aware of it whenever you are distracted or experience a negative experience. Let’s say you are driving, and someone cuts you off, the first reaction is to be angry, or agitated, it disrupts your body’s energy field. Instead of being dominated by this disruption, just go deep and feel your body’s sensations. Take a deep breath, as it’s the easiest way to come back to your body's awareness.

Practices such as meditation, journaling and breathing exercises are great to bring awareness to the body and listening to what it has to say. During these practices you can ask your body exactly what it needs you to work on and heal at the moment, especially if it’s during a situation that causes any negative emotion to arise in order to prevent an emotional buildup.

Contributed by: Karinee Lopez

Karinee Lopez is I AM A Wellness Warrior. What that really means is that she has fought her own battles of self-awareness to live a fulfilling healthier life.

After years of battling painful endometriosis, infertility, countless surgeries, depression, anxiety, being overweight, feeling lost, and not feeling well enough to care for her family she knew she had to make a change and that’s when she decided to take control over the avalanche of events that had taken over her life. It was at this point that Karinee decided to look for different route.

Karinee embarked on this journey not knowing of the challenges and frustrations that were going to come her way, but also not knowing the new love she was going to find. She tried every fast diet, cleanse, detox and workouts that were out there, but it led to gaining the weight back and not finding a solution to her debilitating condition.

Karinee tried every conventional way possible to heal, she knew she had to dig deep within herself to find what was going on that was creating so much havoc to her health. She prayed to find answers and guidance as to which direction to take in life. This transformation required a lifestyle change, coaching, investing in herself and resulted in finding her true purpose in life. This included healing and the ability to enjoy life and loved ones.

Because of her journey, Karinee is dedicated to helping and touching the lives of other women by guiding them to find their personal paths to wellness journey through self-love, self-awareness, and self-advocacy so they can live a more fulfilling life.

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