I AM A Wellness Warrior, Karinee Lopez joins our blog...

I would like to welcome our new contributor Karinee Lopez to the Loving Light Reiki blog. Karinee is the founder of I AM A Wellness Warrior, and she will be contributing blogposts from her website http://iamawellnesswarrior.net/ relating to women's health issues such as her experiences with diets, what works and what doesn't, plus adding her own recommendations geared towards women’s health. Below is her bio for more information on her experiences and purpose.

Karinee Lopez is I AM A Wellness Warrior. What that really means is that she has fought her own battles of self-awareness to live a fulfilling healthier life.

h havoc to her health. She prayed to find answers and guidance as to which direction to take in life. This transformation required a lifestyle change, coaching, investing in herself and resulted in finding her true purpose in life. This included healing and the ability to enjoy life and loved ones.

Because of her journey, Karinee is dedicated to helping and touching the lives of other women by guiding them to find their personal paths to wellness journey through self-love, self-awareness, and self-advocacy so they can live a more fulfilling life.


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