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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Published by on January 26, 2019

We hear a lot lately about finding our life purpose and how we can find ways to incorporate our life purpose into our reality. Where do we look? How do we find it? Is it a process, or do we instinctively know what we really came to this plane to do at this time? What if we embark on a journey to live our life purpose only to find that it leads us to something we never expected, or worse yet, disappointment? Is it just a trendy thing that people around us just talk about but never really do?

I didn't always know what my life purpose was.

Who was I when I wasn't trying to live my life purpose? How did I arrive at where I am today? I never imagined that I would do the type of work that I am doing today conducting Reiki sessions, providing others with spiritual guidance, teaching, and even reading tarot for myself and others. I didn't expect that my life purpose would be one of a spiritual path. I never expected that I would find such peace in my life, even after all of the emotionally painful experiences I had before the present moment.

I began my professional life in the corporate world, and I was always fortunate to see my career grow. My career path was so stable that I was always confident I would find work wherever I went. I worked hard to achieve my career goals, and I eventually earned the salary that matched my education and years of experience. My accomplishments made me feel worthy, but there was always the desire to experience the same satisfaction but on a deeper and more personal level. For all I had achieved, I still felt empty. Unfulfilled. But how? I had achieved everything I had desired to achieve. Where did this emptiness come from?

Little did I know that learning Reiki for myself would eventually become the catalyst to finding my life purpose and living in it fully. I didn't just jump into it, though. The path of my Reiki certification led me to many different changes in my life. I divorced, I dated, I moved to another part of town, I came back to the suburbs, I changed jobs, I watched one of my daughters create a new life for herself that did not include me. Three years ago, I began receiving signs. Signs from my angels that something needed to change fundamentally in my life. I needed to concentrate on myself. I needed to apply the healing to myself. How could I assist others in their healing when I had so much healing of my own to do? I needed to be comfortable in my own skin and in my solitude. I began travelling alone and doing all kinds of things alone that I wasn't able or willing to do before. These experiences gifted me with a view into what an extraordinary life I had the potential of living as long as I was willing to do the work on myself that everyone avoids by drowning themselves in all kinds of addictions and relationships.

This journey of self-care and self-love lead me to where I am today. My heart is open to give and to receive even when giving is not at the top of my list for the day. And, they find me. Those people who need a smile, or a kind word, or someone to simply hold space for them while they rant. They find me. And I am happy to give, share, embrace and welcome them when they are ready to take their journey.

So, what is my life purpose? I describe my life purpose as one of leading those who find themselves in spiritual and emotional darkness into the light. I act as a mirror and a light bearer. I reflect back to them who they are, and I shine a light on those places in their minds and hearts that need to be brought out. I listen and I hold space while their healing occurs whether they have come to me for Reiki or just need an ear to listen. We all have the knowledge within us, but sometimes we need someone to remind us of the light we all carry inside. I see the ripple effects of the healing I help them achieve and how it creates a better understanding of themselves and helps them in their everyday interactions with those around them.

My practice combines the use of Reiki healing techniques as well as other healing modalities, but I believe people come back because they also enjoy the chance to be heard. So, my life purpose involves just that, holding space for those that need to be heard and facilitating their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Wishing you a day full of love and light!


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