Loving Light Reiki is now offering Far Infrared Amethyst Healing Biomat therapy.

What is biomat therapy and what are the benefits?

All you have to do is show up in your most comfy clothing with a bottle of water and enjoy a peaceful rest while you lay on the Amethyst Biomat. It's seriously that simple. While you lay on the biomat, you will receive the combined benefits from the infrared light, amethyst crystals, and negative ions. This technology integrates Eastern medicine and NASA technology to help strengthen organs and body systems.

The benefits of laying on this mat include

Infrared light heats the amethyst crystal which create and disburse negative ions. Negative ions occur naturally in the air and exist in human bodies. Exposure to negative ions with the use of our biomat is the equivalent of taking a trip through a forest, climbing a mountain, or being near ocean beaches or rivers, springs, and waterfalls. Negative ions revitalize cell metabolism and enhance immune function. They relax the body and mind, promote deep sleep and enhance recovery from physical exhaustion or overtraining.

What is a biomat session like?

You can choose to lay on the biomat for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You can also choose to combine your biomat session with either laying on of stones or receive a full Reiki session while on the biomat. Whatever your choice, your session will include soothing music and relaxing essential oil scents to compliment the relaxing environment.

30-minute sessions start at $35/session

- Add crystal alignment to the chakras for an additional $15/session

- Or combine biomat therapy with full Reiki session for an additional $35/session (does not

include crystal alignment)

60-minute sessions start at $65/person

- Add crystal alignment to the chakras for additional $15/session

- Or combine therapy with full Reiki session for an additional $85/session (includes crystal


**Manufacturer's note: EreadaTM Mats are great for general wellness to maintain a good state of health and encourage activity. They awaken the healing powers and energies within your body and mind and promote healthy lifestyle helpful to reduce the risk or impact of certain conditions. EreadaTM Mats may help living well with some serious chronic diseases but they are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition or to substitute medical treatment of any kind.


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