Moon Water

Today I want to talk about Moon Water…

How to make it and how to use it!

I like to make moon water when the moon is at its highest point or completely full.

This is when the moon’s rays are charged with plenty of Yin or feminine energy.

But, don’t worry, just because you may be male or identify with your male energy, it does not mean you can’t use and work with the feminine energy of the lunar rays.

All humans have feminine and masculine energy, which should always be balanced, and using moon water helps to balance those yin/yang energies.

I like to use purified water straight from my fridge water dispenser, but if you want to get really technical you can purchase purified water at your local grocery store. Any water will do, really. Even tap water.

I have a collection of repurposed glass jars that I use to keep my moon water. It’s a good idea to store your moon water in a cool, dry environment. And glass containers are the best for storing your moon water. Make sure that the glass container you use for your moon water is clean and free of any residual food or condiment that it held before you repurposed it, so that you don’t get mold in your moon water.

Stay away from using plastic containers, as we know that plastic tends to release chemicals over time.

Once I fill my jars with purified water--yes, I said JARS (plural) because I use moon water for a few different purposes so I have quite a few—I like to give them Reiki by either holding my hands over the jar before putting the lid on it, or I hold the jar in both hands and envision the Reiki energy passing through the glass and being absorbed by the water.

I use different symbols depending on what I would like to use the water for, it’s all up to your own personal preference at this point.

If you do not practice Reiki, but you want to set an intention for the moon water, you can hold the jar in both hands and mentally or verbally set the intention for the moon water…

Something like “I charge this water with the energy of abundance of healing and peaceful energy” if you want to use this water throughout your home to create a peaceful and restorative atmosphere.

Intentions are your own signature on the water, so go ahead and have fun with it. Remember, it has been scientifically proven that water has memory and whatever you put in is what you will get out!

Now, on the night of the full moon, I set my jars out overnight in the center of my backyard where they will be unobstructed by trees or buildings and they are ready to be used the next day.

I use moon water to:

· Cleanse and charge my crystals;

· Water my plants for growth;

· Fill a glass of water on my altar for clarity;

· Spray in the corners of my home to keep the energy fresh and vibrant (or calm and peaceful depending on the intention of I have set for the moon water);

· Add a few drops to my salt scrubs or other herbal baths;

· Pour some in a bucket when I am going to mop the floors;

· Pour a little in my cats’ water bowls for their health; and

· And even drink it myself.

Have fun discovering all the ways you can use your newly charged moon water! And feel free to share your favorite moon water practices and experiences.

Look for the YouTube video I will be creating on this topic for both preparing the moon water and using it to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Stay safe and healthy!



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