Do you identify with symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression?  Are you a mom-to-be or new mom needing relief from prenatal or post-partum symptoms?  Even athletes who recognize a need for relief from soreness and stiffness or stress and anxiety from competing can enjoy the benefits of energy healing. The truth is that anyone can benefit from energy healing.  I employ a wide variety of holistic healing techniques to our services.  I offer a healing approach that is tailored specifically to the needs of each individual to reach the desired mind body balance.


During the initial 15-minute consultation you will be able to discuss your issues or concerns with me and any questions you may have regarding our services will be addressed as well.

Before your healing session begins, you will find the environment will be accommodated to your specific needs. The goal is to produce a level of comfort conducive to your healing needs.


After your session we will discuss your experience as part of a post-session consultation, and I will share some insights for future care.

Integrative Healing

Private Sessions

  • Intuitive body scanning

  • Clearing stagnant energy

  • Balancing Chakra energy centers 

  • Crystal healing

  • Essential Oils

  • Sound therapy

  • Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat treatment

Sessions can be scheduled from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on your personal needs.

Treat symptoms of stress like headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, and fatigue.  Certain sprains and other minor conditions can also be treated with Reiki.  



Spiritual Guidance from
the Angels

At times I am guided to provide spiritual guidance from the angels that I work with.  A reading may be offered at the end of a healing session.  Sometimes we just need a little reassurance from the Universe to let us know whether we are on the right path with the choices that we make. 


Live Skype/Zoom Oracle and Tarot readings, as well as Private Recorded Oracle and Tarot Readings are also available.  Both can be scheduled through our online scheduling option on this site.  Questions that may arise during the live readings, will be addressed during the reading; questions for recorded readings should be limited to two questions per reading and should be sent via email to Judy.LovingLight@hotmail.com.


Become a Certified
Reiki Practitioner

Usui Shiki Ryoho style Reiki training workshops are offered in group settings or private one-on-one instruction.

We offer all levels of Reiki training

from the basics in Level 1 to the Master/Teacher Level 3. 


Our classes include ICRT manuals, study materials, attunements and certification.

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